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Fahrenheit 451 (Flamingo Modern Classics) (English Edition)

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Fahrenheit 451 (Flamingo Modern Classics) (English Edition)
著者 Ray Bradbury
販売元 HarperVoyager
出版日 2013-02-14
リリース日 2013-02-14
商品カテゴリー Kindle版
ページ数 119 頁
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商品グループ eBooks
製造元 HarperVoyager
レーベル HarperVoyager
スタジオ HarperVoyager
言語 英語 (発行済み)
フォーマット Kindle本


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The hauntingly prophetic classic novel set in a not-too-distant future where books are burned by a special task force of firemen.Guy Montag is a fireman. His job is to burn books, which are forbidden, being the source of all discord and unhappiness. Even so, Montag is unhappy; there is discord in his marriage. Are books hidden in his house? The Mechanical Hound of the Fire Department, armed with a lethal hypodermic, escorted by helicopters, is ready to track down those dissidents who defy society to preserve and read books.The Classic novel of a post-literate future, Fahrenheit 451 is part of the Voyager Classic series. It stands alongside Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World as a prophetic account of Western civilization’s enslavement by the media, drugs and conformity.Bradbury’s powerful and poetic prose combines with uncanny insight into the potential of technology to creat a novel which, forty years on from first publication, still has the power to dazzle and shock.