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Death (The Open Yale Courses Series) (English Edition)

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Death (The Open Yale Courses Series) (English Edition)
著者 Shelly Kagan
販売元 Yale University Press
出版日 2012-04-10
リリース日 2012-04-10
商品カテゴリー Kindle版
ページ数 387 頁
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ISBN 0300183429
商品グループ eBooks
製造元 Yale University Press
レーベル Yale University Press
スタジオ Yale University Press
言語 英語 (Published)
フォーマット Kindle本


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There is one thing we can be sure of: we are all going to die. But once we accept that fact, the questions begin. In this thought-provoking book, philosophy professor Shelly Kagan examines the myriad questions that arise when we confront the meaning of mortality. Do we have reason to believe in the existence of immortal souls? Or should we accept an account according to which people are just material objects, nothing more? Can we make sense of the idea of surviving the death of one’s body? If I won’t exist after I die, can death truly be bad for me? Would immortality be desirable? Is fear of death appropriate? Is suicide ever justified? How should I live in the face of death?Written in an informal and conversational style, this stimulating and provocative book challenges many widely held views about death, as it invites the reader to take a fresh look at one of the central features of the human condition—the fact that we will die.

513u9pc 7bl