phonetic symbol: / swɪ́tʃ / 

switch - English Dictionary

[ noun ]
■ the act of changing one thing or position for another
・his switch on abortion cost him the election
shift , switching

[ noun ]
■ a basketball maneuver
■ two defensive players shift assignments so that each guards the player usually guarded by the other

[ noun ]
■ a flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment

[ noun ]
■ control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit
electric switch , electrical switch

[ noun ]
■ railroad track having two movable rails and necessary connections
■ used to turn a train from one track to another or to store rolling stock

[ noun ]
■ hairpiece consisting of a tress of false hair
■ used by women to give shape to a coiffure

[ noun ]
■ an event in which one thing is substituted for another
permutation , replacement , substitution , transposition

[ verb ]
■ reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)
alternate , flip , flip-flop , interchange , tack

[ verb ]
■ change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence
exchange , switch over

[ verb ]
■ make a shift in or exchange of
・First Joe led; then we switched
change over , shift

[ verb ]
■ lay aside, abandon, or leave for another
・switch to a different brand of beer
・She switched psychiatrists
change , shift

[ verb ]
■ flog with or as if with a flexible rod

[ verb ]
■ cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation
・switch on the light
flip , throw

[ verb ]
■ exchange or give (something) in exchange for
swap , swop , trade

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