phonetic symbol: / strɔ́ŋ / 

strong - English Dictionary

[ adjective satellite ]
■ strong and sure
・gave a strong pull on the rope

[ adjective satellite ]
■ freshly made or left

[ adjective satellite ]
■ being distilled rather than fermented
■ having a high alcoholic content

[ adjective satellite ]
■ not faint or feeble
・a strong odor of burning rubber

[ adjective ]
■ having a strong physiological or chemical effect
potent , stiff

[ adjective satellite ]
■ having or wielding force or authority

[ adjective satellite ]
■ of verbs not having standard (or regular) inflection
・`sing' is a strong verb

[ adjective satellite ]
■ of good quality and condition
■ solidly built
solid , substantial

[ adjective ]
■ having strength or power greater than average or expected
・a strong radio signal
・strong medicine
・a strong man

[ adjective satellite ]
■ immune to attack
■ incapable of being tampered with
impregnable , inviolable , secure , unassailable , unattackable

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