phonetic symbol: / skǽtɚ / 

scatter - English Dictionary

[ noun ]
■ the act of scattering
scattering , strewing

[ noun ]
■ a haphazard distribution in all directions

[ verb ]
■ cause to separate
break up , disperse

[ verb ]
■ distribute loosely
・He scattered gun powder under the wagon
disperse , dot , dust , sprinkle

[ verb ]
■ sow by scattering
・scatter seeds

[ verb ]
■ move away from each other
・The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached
disperse , dissipate , spread out

[ verb ]
■ to cause to separate and go in different directions
・She waved her hand and scattered the crowds
break up , dispel , disperse , dissipate

[ verb ]
■ strew or distribute over an area
・scatter cards across the table
spread , spread out

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