phonetic symbol: / séɪl / 

sail - English Dictionary

[ noun ]
■ an ocean trip taken for pleasure

[ noun ]
■ a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel
canvas , canvass , sheet

[ noun ]
■ any structure that resembles a sail

[ verb ]
■ travel on water propelled by wind or by other means
・The QE2 will sail to Southampton tomorrow
navigate , voyage

[ verb ]
■ traverse or travel on (a body of water)
・We sailed the Atlantic
・He sailed the Pacific all alone

[ verb ]
■ move with sweeping, effortless, gliding motions
・Shreds of paper sailed through the air

[ verb ]
■ travel on water propelled by wind
・I love sailing, especially on the open sea
・the ship sails on

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