kana: つね
rome: tune

常 - English Dictionary

[ adverb ]
■ at all times
■ all the time and on every occasion
・I will always be there to help you
・always arrives on time
・there is always some pollution in the air
・ever hoping to strike it rich
・ever busy
always , e'er , ever

[ adjective ]
■ continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place
・permanent secretary to the president
・permanent address
・literature of permanent value
lasting , permanent

[ adjective ]
■ continuing forever or indefinitely
・the ageless themes of love and revenge
・eternal truths
・life everlasting
・hell's perpetual fires
・the unending bliss of heaven
aeonian , ageless , eonian , eternal , everlasting , perpetual , unceasing , unending

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