Vocabulary Test of English and Japanese

Each question has 5 options including 4 word options plus an "I don't know" option. This test coveres about 20000 high frequecy words in order, so you can learn the most important words efficiently and speedily. The number of all the questions of each test is 24 and each page has one question. After you answer all the questions, you can see the result of estimating your vocabulary.

※ If you signed in, you can save the test result. And... choose "I don't know" to estimate your vocabulary accurately if you don't know the word.

※ During the tests, some letters that make no sense might be displayed. This is caused by an error of the program to extract letters from large data automatically. Sorry for that, and the meaningless letters will be fixed little by little manually.

Vocabulary Test of English to Japanese

Questioned in English and answer in Japanese. Choose a correct option.

Vocabulary Test of Japanese to English

Questioned in Japanese and answer in English. Choose a correct option.

Vocabulary Test of English to English (by synonyms)

Questioned in Enlish and answer in English by using synonyms. Choose a correct option.
Word list en

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