Terms of use

・Each user must use this service with their own judgment and responsibility.

・We can freeze or delete a user account who infringes others' rights or breaches the law or oridnances without any announcement in advance to the user.

・Anyone can see the user's pages based on the user's saved data like My Page, Today's Brushup and History of Tests pages. If a user changed the "My page privacy" setting to "private", the user doesn't need to follow this term.

・Each user permits accepting Emails from this service which is necessary to provide services.

・We can change or stop all or a part of this service without any announcement in advance to the users.

・We provide this service with our best efforts, but we provide no assurance for the performance of this service.

・We assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from the use of this service.

・The privacy policy is applied to all users about using cookies and users' information.

・We can change this terms at will anytime.

・The law governing this terms is the Japanese law, and Tokyo District Court in Japan shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes arising in connection with this service and terms.

・Each user must understand and accept all above terms of use. Please use this service after you understood and accepted all these terms of use.

Privacy policy

・This service uses cookies and the similar technology, so the users need to admit that.

・You can deny cookies on your own browser. However, if you deny cookies, this service might not work well.

・This service requires a registration of user's name or email address for some functions. That user's information is used to identify the user.

・We don't disclose user's information to anyone of third parties without the user's permission, excluding leagal requirements.

・This service records users' activities as log data or access analyzing.

・We can change this privacy policy at will anytime.