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Imagict Popup Dictionary is Imagict's official browser extension for Google Chrome that enables you to look up English words only by hovering your mouse cursor on a word on web pages. English-to-English or English-to-Japanese dictionaries are available.

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Pop up a dictionary window by mouseover

You can get words' meanings only by mouseover, and that enables you to read English web pages more quickly. This extension has the dictionary data in your local environment, so you can always use it smoothly. And besides, the number of words included in it is more than 50,000. That will cover most of daily English words!

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How to use Imagict Popup Dictionary

1. Install Imagict Popup Dictionary from Chrome Web Store. First time, it will take a while because the extension has to save the dictionary data into your local environment. Please wait for a few minutes.

2. When you hover your mouse cursor on a word on a web page, a popup window of the dictionary appears. You can see the word meaning and the phonetic symbol in it.

3. When you click the extension's icon (green tree) on the right-top part of your browser, you can set up the extension's configurations. Switch on/off, which dictionary you use (English-English or English-Japanese), popup timing (instant/normal/delay) and so on.

You can use English-English or English-Japanese dictionary

When you use English-English dictionary.

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When you use English-Japanese dictionary.

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That's it. Thank you for reading.
I'm waiting for you to use Imagict Popup Dictionary from the heart!

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